Mega Disk’O

Experience the rush of the MEGA DISK’O!


The further evolution of the successful DISK’O ride envisages even more seats to enhance at its maximum the ride capacity on a mega rail structure The new MEGA DISK’O combines a breathtaking dual rocking/spinning motion with a new, patented seating style.


The new DISK’O seat is unlike anything in the industry, as it positions riders on a motorcycle-like pedestal seat facing outward. This new style seat maximizes the visual impact for onlookers and the 24 or 40 riders as they experience the rush of the MEGA DISK’O.


Width dimension8,3 or 11,1 m (27’ 3‘’ or 36’ 5’’)2
Minimum passenger height120 cm (48”)6
Height dimension14,40 or 15,5 m ( 47’ 3’’or 51’)3
Lenght dimension37,5 m (123’)1
Number of seats24/40 adults4
VersionPark model7
Theoretical hourly capacity600/1000 pph5

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