Mine Train Coaster

The high impact coaster with family appeal!


MINE TRAIN Coaster represent the right ride for any park looking for a high impact coaster with family appeal. The ride has been developed using the most advanced software programs, designed and calculated to meet the international safety standards.


The ride is composed of two trains, each accommodating 26 passengers. The track structure is a classic backbone track.

The track offers all the sensations of a continuous and exciting succession of long and fast curves, picks and valleys with changes of banking and swift alternations.


Passengers per train267
Minimum passengers height120 cm (48’’) if not accompanied - 105 cm (42’’) minimum8
Number of trains25
Ride time from top of lift to brakesapprox. 60 sec10
Lift systemchain6
Maximum track height21 m (68’ 11’’)4
Theoretical hourly capacityapprox. 1000 pph3
Total track lenght710 m (2329’ 5’’)2
Footprint110 x 190 m (360’ 11’’ x 623’ 4’’)1
Max speed21 m/s - 76 km/h9

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