An adventure of pure excitement!


The spirals and turns alongside exciting view of the surroundings and a spectacular immersive experience. That’s all you need to enjoy a dynamic ride characterized by gentle transitions, lifts, and bursts of speed, to achieve a unique experience with enthralling scenography, on a trip of discovery that you have never before experienced.


Zamperla’s expertise satisfies the entire family, from the youngest to those thrill seekers who are young in spirit, allowing them to enjoy a smooth roller coaster suitable to be customized by our Art Department and integrates a variety of different landscapes and park set-ups.

Nineinverted can accommodate nine riders per vehicle, three per row. Each vehicle has an audio system on board providing an immersive experience on a track length of 428 meters.

Get ready to be launched into a new extremely fun ride experience!

Passengers Height Restrictions minimum105 cm6
Theoretical Hour Capacity (with 80 sec for Loading /Unloading)875 pph5
Max Vertical Acceleration+ 2.0 G4
Max Speed40 km/h3
Maximum Track Height17.3 m2
Length428 m1
Passengers Height Restrictions if not accomp.120 cm7
Number of Vehicles78
Number of Passengers per Vehicle99

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