Rediscover the Classic: High-Capacity Evergreen Family-Thrill ride


The Octopus ride offers an array of dynamic movements, including the central spinning element, the up-and-down motion of its arms, the rotation of satellite gondolas, and the free spinning of each individual gondola.

These movements work together seamlessly, complemented by captivating theming, to create an engaging experience.

The synchronized rotation and bouncing of the arms create a captivating spectacle, offering an enjoyable experience for riders and observers alike.

Featuring five arms with four vehicles and two seats each, this family thrill ride has an instant capacity of 40 passengers.

Height restrictions: 105 minimum (42 in) and 120 cm unaccompanied (48 in).


– The ride features 4 different movements that make the ride a truly engaging attraction.
– The Polyp’s vehicles are 2 seats-each, for a total instant capacity of 40 people.
– Multiple theming options.
– Re-engineered seats to be more accessible for maintenance.


Height5.5 m (18 ft)1
Footprint⌀ 17.6 m (57.7 ft) 2
Rotation Speed9 rpm3
Restraint Typelap bar4
Height Restriction105 minimum (42 in); 120 cm unaccompanied (48 in)5
Theoretical Hourly Capacity800 pph6
Load Unload Time60 s7
Ride Time120 s8
Instant Capacity40 pph9

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