The Big Wavez

The New Wave of Fun!


Another iconic attraction, another innovative experience: the ideal combination of a classic shoot-the-cute and a drop tower. That is how the Big WaveZ guarantees a Big thrill in a small footprint and a Big splash with great spectacle.


Get ready to be immersed into a unique ride concept that doubles the fun and creates a real show: the adrenaline of bounces and a huge splash into the water!


Big Wavez is the world’s first family thrill ride that drops a vessel vertically into a special pool of water to create a… Big Wave! This wave flies into the air to splash an area in front of the ride open to all park guests.


Riders load at the bottom of an arched structure and sit in individual seats with restraints at a 42” height restriction. The vessel carries 20 riders to a drop height of 50 ft (15 m), while the structure is over 70 ft tall (21 m). The real capacity of the ride is not just the riders; it’s also all the park guests who are there to “catch the wave” in front of the ride, so the experience capacity is enormous.


The wave direction can be changed from cycle to cycle to be directed mainly away from the ride or over the top of riders to drench everyone – great flexibility for hot or cold days. The park can also choose to create one wave or two each cycle.


An engaging experience to be shooted and shared with the community!


Tower Mass38 Ton10
Vessel Mass15 Ton9
Total Height21 m7
Footprint46 x 15.5 m8
Power90 Kw6
Cycle Time130 sec4
Hourly Capacity550 pph5
Drop Height15 m1
Speed at Splash7 m/s2
Ride Capacity20 riders3

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