Vertical Swing

A perfect centrepiece for any family-thrill area


Zamperla is proud to present the latest new tower ride: “VERTICAL SWING – Dancing in the Sky”.


The Vertical Swing offers a spectacular view of the midway and is a perfect centrepiece for any family-thrill area. Standing more than 38 meters / 125 feet tall (top sign/decoration included) the VERTICAL SWING is a high impact and high capacity ride in a small footprint. The ride is made by one 33 meters / 109 feet tall tower, one rotating+lifting center equipped with 12 single-connected arms and 12 double-seat chairs hooked with 4 chains each. Vertical Swing can accommodate 24 guests and comes complete with a customized themed top decoration and neon or turbo lights on all four column sides.


The rotating center reaches a maximum speed of 10 r.p.m. and it reaches also a maximum height of 31 meters / 102 feet. The hourly capacity of the ride is approx. 600 p.p.h.. Zamperla is also proud to present the latest new portable tower ride: “VERTICAL SWING – A new way of fun stored in one single trailer”. Standing more than 30 meters / 98 feet tall the VERTICAL SWING trailer model can accommodate 24 guests and comes complete like the park model, all stored in a 16 meters / 52 feet single trailer.


A smaller version with the same capacity and a tower height of 27 meters / 89 feet all stored in a 13,60 meters / 45 feet single trailer is also available. What makes the portable ride unique is the rotation made with the entire tower (instead of a rotating center only). It reaches a maximum speed of 12 r.p.m.. The setup is easy and takes about half a day. Hydraulic extension: no cranes needed!!!


Number of seats24/324
Minimum passenger height120 cm (48’')6
VersionPark and Trailer Model7
Footprint15 m (49’)/25,6 m (84')2
Height dimension30/41/52 m (98' 5''/134' 6''/170' 7'')3
Theoretical hourly capacity600/800 pph5

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