Wave Blaster

WAVE BLASTER is Zamperla teen-ager version of the Jump Around. Considering the great success that all these “Jumper rides” are having, Zamperla has further developed this design and is proposing the Wave Blaster with 12 arms for a total capacity of 24 seats. Each seat is provided with an over-the-shoulder restraint and, as is true with all Zamperla rides, the Wave Blaster is available in both park and trailer model. In designing and manufacturing its model of this successful kind of “Jumper rides”, Zamperla target was primarily a containment on budget, a reduction on noise and, especially, a reduction on sophisticated electronic controls that, on similar rides already placed on the market, often imply technical problems and a lot of maintenance work.

Number of seats24/164
Theoretical hourly capacity480/320 pph5
VersionPark model7
Lenght dimension12 m (39‘ 4“)1
Width dimension12 m (39‘ 4“)2
Minimum passenger height120 cm (48”) if not accompanied - 105 cm (42'') minimum6
Height dimension4,9 m (16’)3