The original WindstarZ interactivity allows riders
to be captains of their own experience!


With a colorful and attractive design the original WindstarZ interactivity allows riders to be captains of their own experience by controlling the movement of the sail on their own ‘hang glider’.


At the end of each of the 12 arms, riders can find a two seat-cart able to comfortly and securely accommodate both kids and adults. Conjointly with the rider next to them, all 24 passengers will be able to govern their own experience.


By pushing and pulling on the on the triangle shaped control –bar in front of them, riders are able to ‘catch the wind alike a real hang glider.


Additionally, a central hydraulic system is used to maintain the balance that gives riders the ability to control their movements, as much or as little as they’d like, during the duration of their incredibly smooth flight.


Theoretical hrly capacity480 passengers5
Seats24 passengers3
Passengers height120 cm (48’’) unaccompanied- 105 cm (42’’) accompanied4
Lights powercustom2
Motive power42 KW1

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