Zetta swing

Higher, ever higher, until you’re nearly touching the sky.


Unique selling points

  • The tallest pendulum ride in the world (even taller than the Statue of Liberty!)
  • Face first dive from 60 m (196 ft)
  • State of the art swinging gondola
  • Small footprint and huge fun
  • Achieves full height in just six swings
  • Real flying and free fall sensations with every swing
  • Breathtaking views and a speed of 90km/h (56 mph)
  • Terrifying stall at 60 m (196 ft) in the air
  • Multiple theming possibilities
  • Available also in a 32 seat version


Max Height60 m / 200ft1
Footprint17.5m x 21.6m / 57.4ft x 70.8ft2
Speed of rotation8.3 rpm3
Total passengers164
Minimum Height Requirement120 cm 48”6

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