Roller Coaster Business Unit

No other company has invested in
roller coasters like Zamperla


Over the past decade we have invested heavily in both our Team and Technology.

Zamperla is proud to have one of the largest roller coaster engineering teams in the attractions industry.

Our Roller Coaster Business unit has the in-house capability to design everything: from our famous Family Coasters to record-breaking new concepts like the Double Heart. We utilize MSC Adams, Strand, and Ansys to design these coasters.
In addition, in conjunction with the University of Padova we created Rocket, an in-house engineering program that allows us to create world-class coasters with astonishing accuracy.


We also opened our own fabrication facility for manufacturing columns and track. Keeping the entire process in-house allows us to better monitor quality assurance and keep costs competitive.
Our team pooled knowledge from some of the industry’s most talented craftsman to create a facility that produces a high volume of roller coaster track while maintaining some of the industry’s tightest fabrication tolerances. Combining a detailed quality assurance program that features checks by both people and computers, our team is working hard to create some of the industry’s best track. With easy port access we can send our attractions across the globe easily.
Both of these changes showcase how Zamperla is building a bridge to the future with some of the most innovative roller coasters around. Come along for the ride!