Customer Care

A complete circle which ends with customer satisfaction

To make sure that we can always reach our high customer satisfaction levels, the Customer Care Service has been included as part of the company’s overall approach to systematic improvement. It represent a complete cycle that starts with the set up of the ride, continues with technical assistance and ends with a store offering over 10,000 spare parts!



Bags of experience

A team of skilled technicians travels the world to supervise and co-ordinate the set up of the ride supplied to make sure that it will be ready to provide enjoyment to your customers as soon as possible.


Your problems are our problems!

Do you have a problem? We are here to solve it!
Our Technical Assistance is always at your disposal ready to answer your call and, if necessary, fligh to you. Because your problems are our problems!



Over 10,000 parts ready for you!

We know that every day a ride is out of action is damaging for our customers. For this reason we are ready with more than 10,000 parts to get our rides back to doing their job as soon as possible!