Sales Department

All around the world to meet your needs!

Providing entertaining amusement rides for diverse groups of people, taking into account their fantasies, culture and desires, is certainly not a challenge to be taken lightly. To do this our sales men travel all around the world catching the trends and trying to stay as close as possible to the customers. ‘Think global and act local’ is our philosophy!



All inclusive service.

We have the unique capacity to offer the complete range of rides, from kiddie rides to the most sophisticate roller coasters, necessary to fulfil an amusement park as well as a professional staff ready to project it!a


Lots of things to communicate.

A portfolio of more than 90 rides each with different themes, at least 3 prototype each year, new technical solutions, new projects and fresh ideas. Our PR & Marketing Dept has lots of thing to communicate – Always keeping the eyes upon trends and needs of the market!

Mr Alberto Zamperla


Zamperla is everywhere!

Not only because almost all the parks around the world have at least a Zamperla ride, but mostly because our commercial network is made of affiliated companies and sales or representative offices in the main markets guarantying a worldwide coverage.