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Nebulaz stuns at Luna Park Coney Island


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NebulaZ is a family thrill ride in which 4 arms rotate in fast intermeshing orbits. Eight gondolas at the end of the arms always remain upright, and riders catch air time as they fly over the top of their orbit!

Reach new heights with Z-Max


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Z-Max is a brand new tower ride produced by Zamperla Group for 2019. The newest ride installed at the lakeside Särkänniemi Amusement Park in Tampere, Finland, is the Z-Max tower ride.

Taking pride of place in Korea


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The first phase of the Paradise City project was completed with the opening of the indoor Wonderbox facility. This provides a unique media art experience with the concept 'The amusement park of the night' and the creation of a fantasy space offering Korea's only attraction-and-dessert shop.

Zamperla unveiled its brand new Z-Max!


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Z-MAX is the name of the brand new tower ride realized by Zamperla Group for the year 2019. It is the newest ride installed at Särkänniemi Amusement Park

Rockin' all over the world!


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One of Zamperla’s most popular family rides is without doubt the Rockin’ Tug, an ideal attraction for all ages and the perfect solution for children’s and family areas in any park with its minimal dimensions.

Old classic inspires introduction of the Endeavour


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Inspired by a classic attraction from year’s gone by, the development of Zamperla’s new Endeavour is a combination of an older thrill ride with the latest cutting edge technology, to create an updated version of a much loved attraction.

New features continue Windstarz development


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8-seater version and new theming announced. The WindstarZ ride was an instant hit when introduced a few years ago and following its further development with the virtual reality (VR) model and the introduction of the manta theming on the attraction, Zamperla is pleased to announce another theme for WindstarZ and a new model of the ride.

New Windstarz model under development


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As a result of the continued worldwide success Zamperla is enjoying with the hugely popular WindstarZ ride, we are now working on an 8-seat version of the attraction

Air Race thrills visitors at Adventureland


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Zamperla’s best-seller becomes centerpiece of Sharjah FEC renovation

Magic Bikes: let's go for a spin!


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Magic Bikes: let's go for a spin!