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New features continue Windstarz development

September 17, 2018


The WindstarZ ride was an instant hit when introduced a few years ago and following its further development with the virtual reality (VR) model and the introduction of the manta theming on the attraction, Zamperla is pleased to announce another theme for WindstarZ and a new model of the ride.

The new theme is based on a popular cartoon series beloved by every little girl, Mia&Me, and a version of the attraction with this theme was installed at Holiday Park in Germany in July. The majestic theming incorporates fairies who fly around a huge tree as if they were in an enchanted forest.

Furthermore, at the IAAPA Attractions Expo in Orlando in November Zamperla wil present a new version of WindstarZ, WindstarZ 8. As the name implies, this will feature 8 seats and will be a more compact model compared to the original version. It will be particularly attractive to smaller locations such as shopping malls, FECs and other indoor venues.


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