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Family Coaster 92 at Bellewaerde


Roller Coaster Theming

Family Coaster 155 at Legoland Florida


Roller Coaster Theming partnership

Compact Spinning Coaster at Tusenfryd


Roller Coaster Theming

A Lightning LSM Coaster by Zamperla will be installed in Playland at PNE, Vancouver


Roller Coaster Innovation Theming

A Lightning LSM Coaster by Zamperla will be installed in Playland at PNE, Vancouver. The Pacific National Exhibition (PNE), owners of Playland Amusement Park, announced the purchase of Canada’s fastest launch coaster, supplied by Zamperla.

Daddy Pig’s Roller Coaster


Roller Coaster Theming

Zamperla’s know-how and knowledge regarding roller coasters are improving day by day: our technicians and roller coasters business unit hardly work to come up with the best ideas and propose innovative product solutions to be launched on the market.

The role of the modern artisan as an innovation master


ZPeople Theming

Artisanship is a word that holds multiple meanings, often associated with the renowned “know-how”, or with the culture of making. The modern artisan is an artist that respects the tradition, but he/she is led to innovation. He/she is flexible and independent, naturally combines knowledge (theoretical culture) with know-how (practical culture) in a constant process of reshaping and reinventing his work.

Creating your theme with Zamperla



An amusement ride is far more than just a mechanical device – it is a fascinating combination of movement and light that translates to people as ‘fun’.

Zamperla creates cartoon fun at Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi


Theming partnership

Zamperla was heavily involved in the Warner Bros. Abu Dhabi project which opened in 2018 and was delighted to supply a number of key attractions to the stunning indoor facility which is another part of the Emirate’s plans to put Yas Island on the global map and become among the world’s leading tourist destinations.

Windstarz success continues



Popular attraction inspires new themes and designs.