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From Vision to Life

July 10, 2024

Our collaboration with St. Louis Union Station and PGAV Destinations has been a dynamic and creative journey, characterized by continuous dialogue from the initial conceptual stages. This interaction with our artistic department has ensured that each ride seamlessly integrates with the historic setting, creating an immersive experience for visitors.

The Compact Spinning Coaster, with its train theme, pays homage to the station’s storied past as the largest railroad station in the U.S. The Carousel is adorned with panels and imagery from the iconic 1904 World’s Fair, an event that holds significant historical value for St. Louis. Meanwhile, the Galleon ride draws inspiration from the city’s rich shipping history, ensuring that every attraction is steeped in local heritage.

Our artistic team’s ability to interpret and enhance the park’s vision has been central to this project.
By combining historical accuracy with immersive theming and color schemes, we have created rides that are not only visually stunning but also culturally resonant.

Todd Hotaling, LHM vice president of sales and marketing, highlighted the significance of this approach: “The new amusement rides are just another example of how we’re trying to continue to amplify Union Station in St. Louis as a family attraction destination in the Midwest.

Our artistic department does not merely decorate rides; it gives them a soul and a unique identity. It’s about working collaboratively with our partners to ensure that every Zamperla attraction fits seamlessly into its destination, creating not just beautiful rides but truly immersive experiences.

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