Lightning Lift 689 at Dinosaur DreamWorks

Dinosaur DreamWorks wanted a roller coaster that would stand out. We worked with them to create an iconic coaster that was the park’s focal point.

The experience begins when guests step into the comfortable Lightning train. Zamperla’s open, comfortable seating has become a hallmark of this exciting generation of roller coasters.

The ride starts with a vertical lift hill and near-vertical drop. In a matter of seconds riders go from facing up towards the sky to looking straight down and speeding towards earth. The coaster then flies through four inversions, including a massive vertical loop, before coming to a smooth stop in the magnetic brakes. The coaster’s footprint is long and narrow, which allowed the park to fit it in a corner of the property.   

About the ride

Track Length 689 m (2260 ft)
Footprint 258 x 19.6 m (846.5 x 64.3 ft)
Max speed 92 km/h (57 mph)
Restraint type Lap Bar
Height restriction 120 cm (48 in) minimum
Theoretical hourly capacity 590 pph
Load/unload time 45 s
Ride time 89 s (dispatch to brakes)
Number of Vehicles per-Train 3
Number of passenger per vehicle 8
Power requirement 300 kW
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