Motocoaster at Sarkanniemi

Särkänniemi was planning on removing their Korkkiruuvi (Corkscrew) roller coaster and asked us for potential replacements. It was challenging because we needed to provide a compact roller coaster with marketable features.

We ended up installing a MotoCoaster at their property. It fit the bill because it was a thrill coaster with a launch and vehicles similar to Moto GT cycles. The ride was a huge hit at the park because the experience so much different than anything else at Särkänniemi and the rest of Finland.

The experience started with a launch into a rising turn. From there the vehicle darted back and forth, navigating a series of turns until excited riders stopped in the brakes.  

The MotoCoaster system was updated to our Family Thrill Launch Coaster.

About the ride

Track length 519 m (1702 ft)
Footprint 112 x 52 m (367 x 171 ft)
Max speed 72 km/h (45 mph)
Restraint type T-Bar
Height restriction 105 cm (42 in) minimum/ 120 cm (48 in) unaccompanied
Theoretical hourly capacity 1210 pph
Load/unload time 40 s
Ride time 79 s (dispatch to brakes)
Number of vehicles per train 2
Number of trains 2
Number of passengers per-vehicle 5
Traveled track 611 m (2004 ft)
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