Backflash-Suspended Windshear

Zamperla is proud to introduce the newest thrill ride from Soriani “Backflash – Tilt & Flip E-motions” Backflash combines three dimensions of action in one breathtaking attraction bursting with lights and energy. Featuring all of the patented motions of the larger Windshear rides on a slightly smaller scale, Backflash makes for an ideal investment for parks and carnivals of all sizes. Backflash features a unique seating arrangement, with riders secured in a single row, facing the midway, with with their legs dangling freely! Up to 22, 36, 40 intrepid riders are raised over 12, 13 or 17,5 mt. (39, 43, or 58 foot) in the air before being treated to a non stop assault of diving loops, swooping flips, and hair raising drops while secured by individual shoulder restraints and seat belts. The signature “tilt and flip” motions of Backflash occur thanks to the alternating rotation speed of the main ride booms.

Minimum passenger height120 cm (48’’)7
Height dimension12 or 13 or 17,5 m (39' 4'' or 42' 8'' or 57' 5'')4
Number of seats22/36/405
VersionPark and Trailer Model8
Theoretical hourly capacity660/1080/1200 pph6
Footprint20,102 x 11, 5 m (65' 11' x 37' 9'') or 21 x 10,2 m (68' 11'' x 33' 5'') or 22,68 x 11,55 m (74' 5'' x 27' 11'')3



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