Junior Coaster

The Junior Coaster is one of the most popular Zamperla coaster. It could be the perfect family ride for both your outdoor or indoor area. The ride is composed of one train of 7 or 8 coaches, (depending on the track lenght) that can accomodate 14 or 16 passengers, two people each coach. The seats are designed both for adults and children with a very small minimum height (90 cm accompained, 105 cm unaccompained), enabling the greater number of park visitors to ride this coaster. The ride can reach/achieve approximately the max speed of 11.5 m/s – 25.7 MPH with a theoretical hourly capacity between 326 and 520 pph (considering 40s for the load/unload of the ride) depending on the track lenght, number of laps and number of coaches.

Maximum track lenght6.7m/22'5
Total track lenght143m/469'2
Train lenght11.5m (37' 8")7
Number of trains18
Number of vehicles79
Passengers per vehicle2 (tot. pass. 14)10
Max. theor. hourly capacity (with 40s for load/unload)540/360 pph12
Max speedapprox. 8 m/s - 17.8 MPH16
Min. passengers height105cm (42") if not accompanied - 90cm (35") minimum17
Max power consumptionapprox 60 Kw18