Super Twister Coaster


We are reinventing ourselves every day in order to improve our rides.


Grip the bar tightly…literally. Zamperla’s roller coasters division is proud to present the evolution of the famous and very successful Twister Coaster.

Sit down and relax, at least for a few seconds, and you will go backwards to the first time you seated on a coaster, as you imagine the thrill of the coming ride. 

The Super Twister is the perfect combination of a classic spinning coaster integrated with the most innovative banked curves: something that you may have seen before but was implemented by our pioneering vision.

The feel of the fast and unexpected turns is emphasized by the new vehicles design that is able to withstand greater speeds and accelerations, a perfect formula for thrill seekers of every age.

Twist, spin and shout!

Theoretical Hour Capacity (with 50 sec for Loading /Unloading)5 vehicles: ~ 950 pph6
Theoretical Hour Capacity (with 50 sec for Loading /Unloading)4 vehicles: ~ 760 pph5
Max Vertical Acceleration+ 2.5 G4
Max Speed55 km/h3
Maximum Track Height14.5 m2
Length461 m1
Passengers Height Restrictions minimum105 cm7
Passengers Height Restrictions if not accomp.120 cm8
Number of Trains29
Number of Vehicles per Train4/510
Number of Passengers per Vehicle412
Number of passengers per Train32/4011

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