Twister Coaster

The world’s most popular
spinning coaster


  • Marketable Moment: No two rides are the same! The Twister coaster spins riders differently during each ride.
  • This experience sets the standard for Spinning Coasters worldwide. Guests love not only the fun layout, the four-across seating makes the ride a shared experience.
  • The ride stats off with a standard experience, but halfway through the ride the vehicle unlocks and begins to free spin 360-degrees.
  • The Twister Coaster comes in our standard layout or custom designs.
  • Individual T-Bar restraints.



  • Souris Verte at Parc Saint Paul (France)
  • Polcias y Ratones at Bosque Magico (Mexico)
  • Sidewinder Safari at Six Flags Discovery Kingdom (USA)
  • Crazy Elves / 疯狂精灵 at Happy Valley / 欢乐谷 (China)
  • Wild Mouse/ Дикая мышь at Park Attraktsionov/Парк Аттракционов (Russia)
  • Galaxy Spin at Fun Spot America (USA)
Twister Coaster render


Passenger Height Restriction (unaccompanied)120 cm (48 in)6
Passenger Height Restriction (accompanied)105 cm (42 in)5
Theoretical Hourly Capacity (assumes 70 second load/unload)4607
Number of Vehicles per-Train19
Track Length370 m (1,214 ft)1
Footprint72 x 38 m (236 x 125 ft)3
Max Speed50 km/h (31 mph)4
Track Height17.8 m (58 ft)2
Number of Trains68
Number of Passengers per-Vehicle410
Instant Capacity2411
Control SystemAllan Bradley Guard Logix PLC12
Power Requirement64 kW13
Foundation StyleBase Frame or Trailer-Mounted14
Propulsion SystemChain Lift15
Design StandardsEN, ASTM, CSEI and other specifications16

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