Twister Coaster

Zamperla’s Twister Coaster is a must have addition for any park looking for a high impact coaster with family appeal and a wow-factor. Showcasing attributes of a classic Wild Mouse, the Twister Coaster features an action-packed 420 meters (1378’) or 316 meters (1037’) course packed of “over the edge” switchback turns and exciting rapid-fire drops, sure to please every member of the family, in a mission of pure excitement. About halfway through the ride, the four passenger coaches are sent into a spinning frenzy where gravitational forces and inertia allows each and every ride to offer a different experience ensuring high levels of re-ridership. The newly re-designed Twister Coaster coaches have features aimed at maximizing both rider comfort and safety.


Individual “T” bars ensure that each and every rider has a custom fit, while bucket seating adds further security. Plus, with an innovative “half-moon” configuration, the Twister Coaster allows a group of four to ride in the same row side-by-side in order to share a fun experience and create compelling memories with every member of the family. Twister Coaster and Twister Coaster Compact have a footprint of 42 meters (138’) x 19.5 meters (64’) or 36 meters (118’) x 19.1 meters (63’) and comes complete with a self-standing base for an easy installation (available both park and trailer models).


Get ready to twist and to be immersed in a brand new experience of fun!

Passenger Height Restrictions (if not accompanied)120cm7
Passenger Height Restrictions (minimum)105cm6
Max Theoretical Hourly Capacity (with approx. 70 sec for loading/unloading with moving vehicles at 0.16 m/s)approx. 460 pph5
Lenght370 m1
Max Vertical Acceleration+2.5 G4
Max. Speed50 km/h3
Maximum Track Height17.8 m2
Number of Vehicles68
Number of Passengers per Vehicle49



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