Umbrella Foundation Nepal

Zamperla has committed itself to a donation of €1300, collected in June during the Founder’s Day celebration, to The Umbrella Foundation in Nepal.

Umbrella is a small charity that relies on private donations, from individuals and organization. The latter are neccessary to enable the organization with funding necessary to keep running. It’s a family-first organisation, working against the negative effects of child trafficking in Nepal.

Umbrella is currently supporting over 100 children and young people in 15 districts in Nepal. Its aim is to provide help to children and young people to live in happy and safe foster care; reintegrate children who have been rescued from sub-standard or corrupt childcare homes; support young adults (generally aged 16-19) to access education and be able to live independentely.

Hereafter the Umbrella Foundation’s letter of thanks for all our charity work.