Certification ISO 9001

Certification ISO 9001

Certification ISO 9001

In our company, we have always put quality first, as an essential factor in everything we do. Yet so far, we have not been able to certify it due to too strict a rule: it did not include projects that integrate technical and artistic aspects, such as ours.

But in recent months, ISO 9001 has been reformulated and finally, we were able to attain it! We are happy because it certifies our vision of quality as a tool for innovation and business growth.

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Quality assurance & certification:
We got ISO 9001

We have applied it to internal and external processes and to improvement projects initiated in the consideration of the company’s interest in its employees and sub-contractors. Keeping our engineering and manufacturing processes in-house allows us to meet high standards and keep scrupulous quality control at every stage of the production process.

We work in a global context, our customers are the reference for the industry, our employees are our most important resource, like the suppliers that grow and improve with us.

Today we believe even more that flexibility, innovation, and the efficiency of our processes can be the key to the company’s success.

“Creating lasting memories of amusement, all over the world, feeling always responsible for your fun”. This is the goal that we have always pursued and that moves us in our path of continuous growth and innovation.

We thank TÜV SÜD who understood and supported our request for flexibility on the standard, the consultants who allowed us to achieve this goal, and all of you, still our best certification.