Engagement: the keyword to enhance the sense of belonging

My first 4 months have just passed in this big family called the Zamperla Group. Never, in my 10 years of working career, I had the pleasure to use such a powerful word like “family” to define my workplace.

And I’m not just talking about the family that has been running and growing the company for three generations, but I’m also referring to the strong sense of identity that you breathe while working in the company, combined with the passion for a well-done work, combined with respect and integrity. A sense of care that begins before the hiring process and that you can finally strongly breathe by entering the company.

The idea for this edition of MGZN came up while we were working on the new marketing plan, which is based on three keywords: consistency, innovation and engagement.

Three words full of meaning that will guide the communication choices for the upcoming year. Among these, is the need to start thinking about us as a group, beyond geographical distances, to make coherent the words and images we use to present us, inside and outside the company.

That is why we have chosen the word consistency, which brings together the coherence of our messages and of our actions. Innovation is what we are doing every day, for 56 years now, creating products that have become icons in the amusement world. Innovation stands also for rethinking our processes in order to continue to give emotions through our rides.

And finally, engagement, which is involvement and participation. If our goal is “To make people of every age happy by delivering shareable entertainment experiences at special locations all over the world” our commitment must be to convey the passion and enthusiasm to be part of a unique industry, which ultimate goal is to entertain people.

Engaging communities of enthusiasts, valuing our work, asking for feedback, and sharing unique experiences. Work as a team with our customers, who represent the amusement and leisure locations, in order to tell more and better about new entertainment experiences. A sense of belonging that is the fuel of all the most beautiful things.

Nadia Panato – Marketing Manager