FICO Project Draft released

FICO Eataly World is a training ground for a sensorial and educational experience about food and its biodiversity. The wonders of the Italian food and wine industry are presented and narrated starting at their birth from Mother Earth to their final destination on a dish and in a glass. FICO welcomes hundreds of small and medium-sized Italian high-quality food producers that showcase their manufacturing and artisanal crafting.

Last November 2018, Zamperla Group introduced the project of a new indoor theme Family Entertainment Centre (FEC) inside FICO, which will be entirely managed by Zamperla and will opened next fall 2019. This park will be specifically targeted for children, and Zamperla has entrusted the design and the development of the FEC to Team Park Project. This will represent the return of the company to parks management in Italy, after the great success of Luna Park in Coney Island and Victorian Gardens in New York City.

Furthermore, the FEC will host 12 rides and offer also rides for people with disabilities. Inside the park will be expected an operator that will bring them to visit the park.

Below you can see the first draft of the park released by Team Park Project.