Integrated Rides

Mix’d Flavored By Jolly Rancher:

The Zamperla NebulaZ installation at Hershey Park serves as a prime example of “Integrated Rides”.

This concept has been a staple of Zamperla’s at parks such as Cultus Lake and Ferrari World Abu Dhabi. Utilizing areas within a rollercoaster’s footprint to install other attractions helps maximize the available space and creates shareable moments between riders on different attractions.

This is not a new concept, but one typically predicated on the entire package being acquired at one time. Placing a flat-ride within a coaster footprint provides opportunities for increased ROI and increased dwell time in an area which would have otherwise been vacant.

Mix’d at Hershey does just this with their refurbished coaster through elevating what was once inactive space to a new area full of kinetic energy.

This installation accentuates the new life brought to the coaster and makes the new ride a focal point for park goers.

The overall result has been positive guest experience and provides the guests on both attractions and at the Pioneer Frontier Food Court with stunning visuals.