Re-skilling & Up-skilling

Lara Facchinetti, HR Director

Zamperla is preparing for the restart of the industry by investing 3000 hours in training since January.

With massive updating of technical skills in the areas of hydraulics, pneumatics, and mechanics for both assembly operators and designers, bringing them to a higher level of technical awareness.

The entire production staff has welcomed the several courses held during this period with enthusiasm and interest,

 commented Enrico Marcolin, Production Manager.

Thanks to the passion, commitment, and expertise of the teachers, we have consolidated and expanded our knowledge in the mechanical, hydraulic, and pneumatic fields, enabling us to be even more effective in the creation of attractions for our customers.

A lot of content was delivered by our professionals, who, although not being lecturers by profession, were very good. The contribution of Vittorio Babini, Engineering Director, for the teaching on mechanics was significant and of added value, thanks to his ability to give numerous examples of technical problems that operators encounter during assembly and that often result from a lack of definition of the drawings, demonstrating the usefulness of the continuous comparison between Engineering and Production, dedicating a lot of time to his colleagues in the classroom. The same has been done by Valentino Salionti and Andrea Nassi on the analysis of functional risk related to machines and the level of performance, Emanuele Malin on the implications of UNI EN 13814:2019 for product quality, Elisa Dall’Alba, Matteo Montagnin, and Federico Rizzetto, who continue to train younger colleagues in the use of Adams software. A great team of professionals of whom we are proud, not only for their competence but also for the dedication and passion they have put into this project, at the service of their colleagues.

The training program also focused on the study of composite materials by the Roller Coaster and Flat Rides teams, in collaboration with Prof Quaresimin and the staff of the Department of Technique and Management of Industrial Systems at the University of Padua. “It was important to start from a common vision of materials and to align the research team on the potential of materials other than steel to then study the technical and structural implications of their use for the construction of some critical components of our roller coasters,” commented Alberto Ferri, Director of the Roller Coaster Division.

Our training also focuses on transversal competencies such as customer service, with the involvement of the technical and commercial team of after-sales services and project managers, and leadership development, to support a value-driven organizational culture, which is increasingly focused on collaboration, shared responsibility, and openness to new ideas.

The health emergency has not stopped us. We are committed to providing continuity in both technical and transversal training so that our people are prepared to deal with more complex and evolving scenarios, to guarantee our customers with the best possible service and expertise.