Robotic Milling Cell

We are part of the innovation process

Innovation means improving our work every day, thinking outside the box, asking ourselves what we can do more to exceed the expectations.

To us innovate means doing better than what we are already accomplishing in terms of finding new solutions, implementing projects, and adapting to future market demands. One of our biggest responsibilities is to achieve the right balance between quality and production efficiency, a challenge that we face every day to optimize our work and to accomplish the highest professional standards of excellence.

The Zamperla innovation team has developed and initiated multiple projects in which we strongly believe, since we give a lot of importance to the modernization process and, of course, we are already part of it.

We are proud to state that we have invested in some of the latest technologies to upgrade our ability to provide a more agile service. We use a Robotic Milling Cell to mill models, a 3D scanner and, just recently, we installed our third automated vertical warehouse.

We realized that keeping at pace with the innovation process is an investment that allows us to reach a higher level of quality, helping craftsmen to complete their works, and providing efficiency and time flexibility. Certainly, the purpose of Zamperla is to guarantee the best service by improving our production skills.


Automated Vertical Warehouse

The automated vertical warehouse is a helpful and convenient technology that enables us to gain space and to speed up the picking action, while increasing the storage capacities (weights and volumes) for the same occupied area. Having gained 200 m3 of storage space has allowed us to work in an orderly fashion and, thanks to our specialized and proactive team who constantly manages the warehouses, we are able to prepare the assemblies for work orders in a very rapid, flexible, and agile way.


Robotic Milling Cell

The Robotic Milling Cell is the first anthropomorphic robot of the Zamperla Group, which gives us the possibility to mill several materials, including polyurethane and plastic. According to software simulations, the time to develop a model can be exactly halved, which means a remarkable increase in productivity. The machine is programed to do the rough-hew, while our craftsmen put their valuable artistic vision to create a stylish and customized product.


3D Scanner

The 3D Scanner, thanks to the application of Reverse Engineering software, delivers precise digital 3D models and CAD assemblies of physical objects for design, engineering and manufacturing. It’s a very useful process to accelerate product development in order to design the internal mechanics of our products. We are now autonomous in the entire process, able to scan models of large-scale dimensions and through the use of a software, collect and store our unique and valuable artistic know-how.