When being a Group makes the difference

All I had to do was to set foot in Luna Park in Coney Island a few days ago to experience the strength of a cohesive group.

Engineers and technicians from the park are working together with the ones who arrived from Italy to coordinate this complex construction site, which includes an extension to create space for the installation of the new Junior Coaster 400, which crosses the existing, but updated Super Flume ride! A new beer garden and access area will be created, the project also includes a new access area which will be located right at the exit of the metro line that arrives in Coney. The layout of the park will be completely revolutionized.

There’s a lot of work for everyone here, this brings together forces and skills that come from different countries and different companies in the group. Andrea, Dino, Nicola, Gennaro, and Piero are working on the assembly of the new machines.

Alessandro and Alberto joined the park team for the extraordinary maintenance of the Thunderbolt. They shared their experience as mechanics who, for years, have been working on the assembly of our rides: their knowledge regarding the maintenance of parks is deeply precious as they can suggest to mechanics and technicians which spare parts should be intervened in time just to avoid damage. On the other hand, they had the opportunity to see the machine in operation, to see first-hand the effects of wear and tear and in general the difficulties of managing parks.

I wonder: how much value does the union of this knowledge have for people and the company?

Fernando, Fabrizio, Enrico, and Nick joined forces to keep the project in place, coordinated with operations in Italy and made sure that all the technicians who had to work in the yard arrived at the right time. Thanks to them the information runs quickly, and the problems are overcome faster. Isn’t this also worth it?

But it’s not over. At the entrance of the area where the new access to the park will be located, is hanging the project designed by Team Park Project, which took charge of setting the scenography’s design. This means that the group has helped to support the park in the design phase of the new spaces. “Great job” – says Alessandro Zamperla.

To sum it all up, in a few hours at the park, I have experienced the concrete value that arises when different skills combine in the same place and when new opportunities for communication and discussion are created. All of this is transformed into the continuous growth of people and services that the group offers to its customers. What to desire more?

I invite everyone to never give up on cultivating these synergies and to enthusiastically support the exchange of knowledge and continuous dialogue, regardless of the size of the group, geographical distances, membership, and roles. We continue to take care of our knowledge; it will take us far.

Lara – HR Director