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Delving into the DNA of Zamperla's Coasters

April 16, 2024

Roller Coaster Business Unit
Zamperla boasts one of the largest roller coaster engineering teams in the industry, with the capability to design everything in-house, from their renowned Family Coasters to groundbreaking concepts like the Double Heart. Through their in-house engineering program called "Rocket," developed in collaboration with the University of Padova, Zamperla creates world-class coasters with astonishing precision.

Cutting-Edge Technology
To ensure high-quality standards and competitive costs, we have opened our own fabrication facility for manufacturing columns and track. This vertical integration allows for meticulous quality control and ensures that every piece meets the industry's strictest standards. With our fabrication facility and rigorous quality control systems in place, Zamperla is producing some of the best track in the industry, ready to be shipped worldwide with easy port access.

Total Coast of Ownership
We are dedicated to minimizing the time, labor, and money required to maintain Zamperla’s coasters. By owning Luna Park, Luna Farm, and other operations, we have established a better connection between our ride engineers and maintenance teams. Through targeted improvements, we have revolutionized the ownership experience of our roller coasters, reducing annual NDT requirements and introducing innovative solutions to lower maintenance costs.

Zamperla Specialties: Theming, Lighting, and Custom Layouts
Collaborating with internationally renowned amusement parks such as Disney, Universal, Six Flags, and Parques Reunidos, Zamperla delivers world-class theming for every project.

With a team of highly skilled artists and artisans, Zamperla transforms roller coasters into unique works of art, setting themselves apart with the quality and originality of their creations.

With its commitment to innovation, quality, and creativity, Zamperla continues to push the boundaries of the roller coaster industry, delivering unforgettable experiences for amusement park visitors worldwide.


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