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Integrated rides: flat rides and roller coaster interlaced for an immersive experience.

March 17, 2023

Junior Coaster and Super Flumez: these latest installations at The Luna Park in Coney Island are one of the best examples of Zamperla’s Concept of “integrated rides”.
One of Zamperla’s greatest strengths is the ability to combine the excitement of a custom coaster with the fun of our fantastic portfolio of over 300 rides.

At Luna Park in Coney Island the goal was to create an immersive experience that maximized the hourly capacity and return on investment for their next large coaster project. This was resulted in combining the Super Flume and Junior Coaster, leading to increase visitation and engagement with families, specifically tween visitors, in a pure multigenerational FUN!

With multiple trains on the coaster and up to 20 boats for the Super Flumez, it is possible to realize up to 2,000 people per hour in one footprint, maximizing ROI, use of space and capacity at the same time. The Junior Coaster and Super Flumez weave in and out of one-another and offer fantastic visuals as the trains on the coaster and the flume boats create kinetic energy in the space with constant action.
The same ride combination is being installed in Adventureland Resort, in the USA.

Integrated Rides is exactly this: to take Zamperla’s world-famous collection of flat rides and marry them with a Zamperla Coaster. Where usually there’s only place for a roller coaster, Zamperla creates immersive environments for shareable moments between riders at different attractions.

Another recent Integrated rides project is the kiddie area at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, where they supplied three family attractions and a Junior Coaster in an area of 55 x 39 meters (180 x 128 feet); this project opened in 2020.

But this is just the beginning! So don’t be surprised if in 2023 you will see more of these integrated ride packages pop up at parks around the world due to the spectacle and positive guest-related opportunities they present.


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