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Luna Farm and the inclusivity of amusement

March 24, 2020

Promoting the Italian excellence into the world, Zamperla S.p.A. inaugurated Luna Farm, last December, an appealing place to children with attractions and amusement facilities where visitors has the chance to reconnect with the roots of the Italian tradition.

The farm setting, located inside FICO, the largest food park in the world, brings children and families into an immersive journey, with the opportunity to experience 15 themed attractions – some of which integrated by augmented and interactive reality solutions developed by Z+, one of the business divisions of the Zamperla group.

The farm is a an exciting world to discover: from a suspended monorail on board of a chicken, a panoramic mill wheel and Gianni’s – the farmer – Crazy old Bus in which you keep going up and down to Magic Bikes where you have the control of the movement of your “hang glider”, in good company with a scarecrow and its helpers flying around.

Luna Farm aims to be an inclusive amusement park, a topic dear to Zamperla group, that has really thought through everything to make the theme park “ultra-accessible”, developing readily accessible attractions for individuals with different kind of disabilities.

The R&D department of the company, working along with engineers, designers and technicians, has been researching and improving the issue of accessibility for years, designing attractions dedicated to people with special needs.

Accessibility involves, but is not limited to, providing inclusive experiences in planning for and during a theme park visit, where entertainment plays a key role in order to comprise the entire family, in a ride all together.

The added value of this inclusivity project is also made by Luna Farm working team and operators through comfortable and safe guest services with a staff swift to accommodate whenever they can.

Because Luna Farm is a place of wonder, of cheerful experiences and emotions, designed and projected to welcome everyone, bringing the “amusement” to another level of sharing.


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