Discovery 30 brings ‘over the top thrills’ to Paultons Park

The Zamperla Discovery 30 is a new windmill-themed attraction that is due to be installed at Paultons Park in the UK in December this year.

The attraction sees up to 30 riders seated in a large circular gondola facing outwards and held in their seats by over the shoulder restraints, with their feet dangling below. The ride action is like that of a pendulum and as it begins to swing, the gondola also rotates. As each swing gets longer the gondola eventually swings for a totally mind boggling experience!

As well as the full, adrenaline pumping experience, the Discovery 30 also offers a progamme that provides a slightly less extreme ride, which sees the gondola swinging at different angles and rotating at different speeds.
Below is a rendering of the new windmill-themed thrill ride.