Nebulaz stuns at Luna Park Coney Island

NebulaZ is a family thrill ride in which 4 arms rotate in fast intermeshing orbits.

Eight gondolas at the end of the arms always remain upright, and riders catch air time as they fly over the top of their orbit!
The hypnotic movement is like a visual riddle that’s as much fun to watch as it is to ride.
The arms swing about horizontal axes in a circular motion while the central tower rotates around itself. The arms are synchronized by a redundant central gearing system guaranteeing their intertwining.
With its eight gondolas the ride has an instant capacity of 32 seats. Thanks to its movement, NebulaZ represents a thrill ride for the pre-teen riders between 6 and 10 years of age who don’t meet the 48” height requirement.

We are happy with this innovative ride both in terms of attention to management costs and environmental perspective. With respect to a park’s management costs, a very limited space is exploited and nowadays attention to space is increasingly becoming an important issue for every amusement park. Furthermore, with a view to the environment, the ride allows to recover electrical power when the machine brakes.