Reach new heights with Z-Max

Z-Max is a brand new tower ride produced by Zamperla Group for 2019

The newest ride installed at the lakeside Särkänniemi Amusement Park in Tampere, Finland, is the Z-Max tower ride.

Its full column rotation is the special feature of this attraction which offers thrill-seeking riders a spectacular view of the surrounding area from its maximum height of 68m (223ft), as well as a shoot and bounce movement unique for a tower ride of this size. The Z-Max tower can also be manufactured to reach a height of 56m (184ft) and a maximum height of 80m (263ft).
The movement/rotation of the tower itself is at a speed of 2.5 rpm and the ride has a capacity of 16 seats.

In addition to the Z-Max, Särkänniemi Amusement Park is also home to many other Zamperla rides. These include a Discovery Revolution named “X”, a Power Surge called “High Voltage”, a Disk ‘O Coaster known as “Tyrsky” and the “Trombi” Volare flying coaster.