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WindstarZ 12 flies into Le Pal, France

September 11, 2019

The Yukon Wings is the name of the Zamperla custom-themed WindstarZ ride installed this year in the new Yukon Valley Canadian area at Parc Le Pal in France.

With a colorful and attractive design, including Maple leaf-themed canopies above the riders, the WindstarZ features detailed theming in line with the area in which it operates. Its interactivity allows riders to be captains of their own experience by controlling the movement of the sail on their own hang glider.

At the end of each of the 12 arms, guests ride in a two seat-vehicle capable of comfortably and securely accommodating both children and adults. Together with the rider next to them, all 24 passengers are able to control their own experience. The minimum passenger height is 120cm (48 inches), although children of 105cm (42 inches) and above can ride if accompained by an adult.


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