Twister Freeform: a new twist on a classic

Twister Freeform: a new twist on a classic

Zamperla’s First Twister Freeform A Key Part of Cedar Point’s 2023 Expansion.

A new twist on a classic

The Twister Freeform is a brand-new ride experience and features many upgrades from the Twister Coaster Zamperla has sold for over twenty years.

The Twister Freeform allows young kids and adults to enjoy a ‘first’ roller coaster thrill together, and the spinning action of each car just makes it fun! It is meant to be enjoyed by all ages. The height requirement is: 105 cm (42 inches) minimum when accompanied by a supervising companion 120 cm (48 inches) or taller unaccompanied.

Zamperla’s First Twister Freeform is a key part of Cedar Point’s 2023 newest area, the Boardwalk.

“We created a custom layout just for the park. We are thrilled with not only the layout, but the ride as a whole. It delivers in the way that Zamperla promised with the re-introduction of the Roller Coaster Business Unit in 2021. The ride is exciting, smooth and features the latest coaster technology. It is a huge step up from older Zamperla coasters and lays a new benchmark for our coaster quality.” (A. Sandy, Roller Coaster Sales and Marketing Director)

Twister Freeform at Cedar Point / Image courtesy @coastertherapy

The ride experience

No two rides are the same! The Twister freeform spins riders differently during each ride: the center of gravity is in a different place from competitors and offers a better spin. Guests love not only the fun layout, but the four-across seating also makes the ride a shared experience for the entire family or a group of friends.

  • Twisting Drop
  • 2 Wild Mouse Turns
  • Spiral Drop
  • Immelman Turn
  • Snapback
  • Inclined Figure Eight
  • Left Curve
  • Turn Into Brakes
  • Magnetic Brakes

What riders will love

The Twister Freeform has redefined the spinning coaster genera: it features a couple of switchbacks at the start, and then an exciting series of banked turns, and all of it is designed just to send you spinning out of control. It is an attraction for the entire family, and that is what your riders will love:


  • Smooth track with great transitions.
  • Individual Lap-Bar.
  • Moving station allows parks to achieve consistent capacity easily.
  • The twists and dives of a custom coaster in a compact footprint.
  • 105 cm (42 in) minimum height requirement, 120 cm (48 in) unaccompanied.
  • Ride twists over 400 m (1,312 ft) of track.
  • Fun layout: the vehicle keeps its speed throughout the course, and the layout has exciting forces.
  • Exceeds ADA: one vehicle features a hinged door that opens, allowing riders transferring from a wheelchair easier vehicle access.

About the ride

  • Height: 15.8 meters (52 feet)
  • Track Length: 400 meters (1,312 feet)
  • Top Speed: 45 km/h (27 mph)
  • Number of Vehicles: 7, 4 passengers each
  • Hourly Capacity: 560 pph


The reviews have been very good from both enthusiasts and the general public.

The Wild Mouse, while it shares its name with the carnival classic, is a totally reimagined ride. This is the first Twister Freeform model to be built by Zamperla. The best way to describe it, is that it’s everything you always want a wild mouse coaster to be, but never lives up to. It has has iconic back-and-forth turns and dips, but does them in a new way, a way that is butter smooth, extremely fast, and not painful in any way. The layout is compact and has subtle nods to the traditional course, while inventing new elements that deliver. There are coasters that are thrilling, coasters that are fast, and coasters that are just flat out fun; this is one that is a pure joy to experience.

(Kyle, Coaster101)

The Wild Mouse is a coaster that’s so much fun you’ll want to ride it again and again, with unexpected curves and spins and hairpin turns that will keep you laughing for the entire 1 minute 10 second romp.